Mission and Vision

Heart of our Mission

“To be Christ’s presence at Newlands to enhance the lives of all by offering the Gospel of Christ, Christian friendship, and love of God. Through loving acts of service to the community of Newlands and Denshaw”

 Soul of Our Vision

Located at the heart of the Newlands and Denshaw, the Methodist Church will create a welcome centre that will maintain its position has the hub of the community.

Emerging from Covid 19, we want to re-develop our building working in partnership with local stakeholders provide a modern multi-purpose building where our doors will be open providing a warm, safe, friendly and welcoming environment, regardless of status, ethnicity, age, culture, preferences or beliefs. Providing a refuge for all, whether it’s for those in need or those just wanting a cup of tea and a chat with friends.

We will identify and meet the needs of our society, providing a full range of activities for people of every ability, both mental and physical, Dementia Friendly focused on combating stigma, prejudices, loneliness and isolation.

We will combat the negative results of Covid 19 by providing a place to receive counselling for stress, fatigue and mental health issues. Alongside our regular activities of lunch clubs, games afternoons, youth activates, IT support centre, also providing opportunities for intergenerational activities involving, sport, education and fun!

We will reach out to the disadvantaged by providing:

  • Foodbanks for the hungry,
  • A listening ear for the lonely,
  • Compassion for the sick and bereaved and spiritual guidance.

We will develop a Café culture with free Wi-Fi to make connections and build friendships including an easy accessible advice centre will be available for those needing specialist support. Also provide space for intergenerational activities including children’s parties, after school clubs, film evenings, concerts and much more!

We will strive to involve all members of our community within the project steering group who will have a genuine say in future directions and initiatives, providing a wide and well balanced governance on all we try to do.

This project will hopefully be a flagship project highlighting how co-operation and partnership will enhance the services we can offer to the local community and hope build bridges between the new and the long established communities of this area.